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SB 5224 - Bill Information

SMPP White Paper

Sample Support Letter

LSAW SMPP Webinar Recording

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Legislature Email Addresses

Overview of the Legislative Process


SMPP Task Force Includes

The following organizations participated on the task force to develop the legislation.

Washington Council of County Surveyors (WCCS),
Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington (LSAW),
DNR Public Land Survey Office (PLSO),
Washington State Dept. of Transportation,
WA State Association of County Auditors,
City of Bellingham,
City of Bellevue,
City of Seattle


SB 5224: Protecting Land Survey Reference Markers


These proposed amendments to RCW 58.24 & 58.09 will fund investment in the maintenance and growth of Washington state property boundary infrastructure. This investment will be funded through a $10 surcharge levied on recorded documents.

This will establishes the Survey Monument Protection Program (SMPP). The SMPP will be a statewide program, administered by the PLSO, to award grant funds to counties, cities, WSDOT, and the PLSO, to recover and reset the survey monuments of the Public and Private Property Boundary Infrastructure

LSAW is organizing a grassroots campaign to support this bill.


How You Can Help

Share Information

Discuss and promote the SMPP during Chapter meetings and anytime you network with other Land Surveyors.

Click Here to Download SMPP White Paper (for information only - not to distribute to legislators)

Click Here to View the LSAW SMPP Webinar Recording

Contact Your Legislator

We recommend that you support the bill in two ways:

1. Comment on the bill directly. Click here to learn how to comment on a bill

2. Email your Legislator. Use the sample letter linked below and email your Legislator. We recommend that you paste the letter in the body of the email and use the subject line: SUPPORT Bill SB 5224: Protecting Land Survey Reference Markers

Legislature Email Addresses

Sample Support Letter

Let Us Know

Please report your activity to LSAW. We will be compiling a list of Legislators that have been contacted.




If you have questions regarding the process or the legislation, feel free to contact us.

T. (888) 994-2845