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Washington State Common Law of Surveys and Property Boundaries
An overview of laws and cases affecting Washington surveyors by Jerry Broadus.
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2011 LSAW Reference Manual (PDF version)
Contains Land Surveying-specific R.C.W.s and W.A.C.s, Annotations, and AG Opinions. LSAW 2011 Reference Manual is currently only available as a PDF file. Your cost is $50 plus tax. Please email to order the manual. All other items may be ordered online.
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PLS Refresher Course (Online Videos - Subscription Ends December 31st)
~ Public Land Survey System, Part 1, Jim Coan PLS, CFedS, 1hr 12 min. ~ Public Land Survey System, Part 2, Jim Coan, PL:S CFedS, 1hr 17 min ~ Standards of Practice and Specifications, Mel Garland PLS, 1hr 57min ~ Water Boundaries, Steve Ivey PLS CFedS, 2hrs 26 min ~ Platting, Mark Harrison PLS, 1hr 30 min ~ Boundary Sequential Simultaneous ReSurveys Pat Beehler PLS, CFedS 1hr 26 minĀ ~ State Plane Coordinates , Bill Glassey PLS 1hr 15 min ~ State Plane Coordinates, Martin Paquette PLS 2hrs 15 min ~ Ethics and Business Practices, Jon Warren PLS 2hrs 16min ~ Laws Relating to Surveying, Earl Morriss PLS 1hr 21 min
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Door Hangers "Sorry We Missed You"
Set of 50 door hangers with business card slots
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LSAW Lapel Pin
Member Only Item. Non-member fee includes membership.
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